Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Snoring, Obesity, and Sleep Apnea - Looking For a Connection?

The real causes of snoring are way more complicated to understand than originally thought to have been. But at the same time, there has also been a huge increase in the stop snoring medicines for ending the habitual snoring problem. There is no doubt that the snoring problem can be a deal breaker when it comes to keeping the marriage or partnership happy and healthy. But with this all being said, there are also now a number of good anti-snoring products and remedies out there nowadays.

From the most natural anti-snoring methods to the more complex anti-snoring devices, snoring is now no longer an uncontrollable problem of hopelessness. For some there may just be the need for a higher quality of the bed that they are sleeping on. Others may find anti-snoring relief from choosing a good anti-snoring pillow that is made of great memory foam that will keep the neck and head properly positioned throughout the night.

Some habitual snoring individuals can stop the snoring by making sure to keep their bodies positioned on one or the other side. This can easily be done by the usage of several pillows being positioned up against the back and front areas of the body during sleep. Or even by sewing a tennis ball in the back of your nightgown or nightshirt so that you will wake up when trying to roll over onto the back.

If you are overweight, you are more often than not a habitual snorer due to the extra fat layers around the neck. The extra fat will weigh down on the throat while sleeping, and the airway will be more constricted during the night hours because you are lying down and fully relaxed. There is also a direct linkage between unhealthy daily diets, the lacking of daily exercise, and even late night dairy products being consumed. It has been noted that extra mucus tends to build up from many dairy products leading to snoring.

Smoking cigarettes, second hand cigarette smoke, or even alcohol consumption late at night or heavy daily usage are also direct snoring contributors. Constantly being exposed to bad air quality during the daytime and night are also often culprits for habitual snoring. There are too, a good number of over the counter and physician prescribed medications that are to blame for so many nightly snorers. If this is what you are suspecting your doctor can easily help you in changing to a more appropriate medication so the snoring can be stopped.

If you are one of the many chronic snoring individuals that fall into the sleep apnea category, it is very important to check in with your physician so they can run the best fitting tests to truly find what will resolve the life damaging snoring problems specifically pertaining to your particular snoring situation. But for a greater majority of habitual snorers, there is nothing more that is needed to stop the snoring completely than one of the many over the counter anti-snoring remedies now available at an affordable price.

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